Bojagi Workshop - July 19th



  • this workshop will teach students the Korean art of Bojagi (also known as Pojagi
  • our project will be creating a wrapping cloth using the ssamsol jogakbo form of Bojagi, sewing together small, used,  pieces of cloth of various shapes and vibrant colors using a decorative seam technique (ssamsol)
  • Bojagi translates as wrapping or covering cloth and originates from the word "bok", which means luck in Korean, while "bo" means happiness or fortune. This can be transcribed as "the wrapping of luck” Ancient Koreans believed that wrapping objects brought good luck
  • the Jogakbo technique can be used in many ways. With the fine fabric used, beautiful curtains can be created for example
  • the cost for this workshop is $65 and includes all materials you will need


  • Tami Duquette @70weststitches will be our guide and instructor for this workshop 
  • Tami previously taught a Sashiko Workshop here at Boro! 


  • Friday July 19th 
  • 630pm to 830pm 


  • Boro - 2857 E. Grand Blvd. Suite 103 Detroit Mi 48216 

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